Spermidin Plusspermidine plus fountain of youth

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SpermidinPLUS fountain of youth combines spermidine-rich wheat germ extract with valuable antioxidants and thus counteracts an increased radical exposure.

A fountain of youth for the skin and antioxidant protection systems.

Spermidine, which is extracted from natural EU wheat germ using a special extraction method, activates the "autophagy process", a form of cell cleaning. By activating the body's own protection and cleansing systems and thereby selected micronutrients, the special formula becomes a real vitality kick for the immune system and the external appearance of the skin. The synergism of spermidine with astaxanthin, melon concentrate, trans-resveratrol and CoQ10 delays premature skin aging and thus rapid aging.

  • Reduces oxidative stress and supports the immune system
  • Anti-aging special formula with natural spermidine
  • With effective antiox complex (OPC, resveratrol, astaxanthin, CoQ10)
  • 0.74 mg spermidine per daily recommendation (2x1 capsule)
  • Stops rapid aging
  • To strengthen the immune system
  • Quality from Austria
  • Vegan

Recommended use

Take 2 x 1 capsule (for at least 3 months) with meals with plenty of water or green tea. Use within 2 months after opening.

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